Game in a Weekend – Day 3.5 (Packaging)

So when I said I’d have an extra day to work on it, I lied. I didn’t end up having that much free time today so most of what I did was just packaging it so it was a functional game. You can download the playable version right here:



(or check out the code here:

Here’s what the final game looks like (in all its glory):


I’ve made these 9 levels but it’s very easy to make your own with instructions in the included text file.


Reflection on C++

I’ve now played around with C++ enough to have an idea of what the language is about, and I’ve decided a few things about it:

1. C++ is not for the faint of heart. It’s very frustrating to do things that are relatively easy in other programming languages, and is a lot less forgiving in many areas.

2. The windows console is not the best engine to make a game from (duh)

3. The fact that C++ is so particular means that it’s difficult to do something quickly and simply (e.g. throw it all together and it works), but if time is taken to plan things out in a way that works, then the code will be very well optimized and run smoothly.

4. C++ having so much control is the main reason that it is favoured for game development nowadays, and I’m only starting to scratch the surface of what C++ can do. I’m excited to work on my next project with C++, mostly because I won’t have to deal with the windows console buffer anymore!

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