One Tap Adventure

Quick little update: I’ve just released my first iOS game: One Tap Adventure!

This project was done in Objective-C using the SpriteKit libraries. It took Joe Crozier and I about 3 weeks to complete the game, during which we made all of the art and programmed the game. This is both of our first experience attempting to market an iOS game, and it’s proving to be a very educational experience.

Some thoughs/musings:

– Our game had a few bugs left over, one of which being that landscape mode was completely broken. This is to be expected and didn’t phase us much

– The game needed an instruction page. Without an explanation beforehand, most people couldn’t grasp the concept behind the game.

– We’ve got an undeniably good idea here. A bunch of the guys on my ultimate team have played the game for upwards of 15 hours now, which definitely means that there is some potential. The key now is to get the game out there!

– Some people just won’t understand the point of the game


If you haven’t already, make sure to check it out!

For a more technical view of the app, check it out on my projects page.

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